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• 7/14/2017

Why not finish the map before anything else?

As the title says, The desert region of the map needs finishing to open the map fully. After that, the minor details can be dealt with.

I have to get Cactus Sap (Structures plus mod - Propellant - Cactus Sap, Sulphur and oil). We can get 2 of the ingredients with a little messing around but not Cactus Sap without the desert region unlocked. Alternatively a few cactuses for the time being on the sandy area near the Green Obelisk.

After that, snapping of platforms on the redwoods so we can get Sap for Sweetcakes without doing a song and dance routine to get it.

However, opening the entire map so we can use it all should be a priority. Even if only the basic landscaping is done for now. I have noticed there are dino spawns there already, it needs only landscape clean up and the berry plants etc put in.
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• 8/3/2017
based on what the developers of this map have mentioned is they will be adding a new flora to the active map called aloe. This will prevent a need to sneak or disable the barrier and go to the desert. Though I have recently read they are releasing a big update this day too, so this may be the desert portion as they hinted a 25% increase to the WIP area. Regardless I think they plan to make cactus more available so that you do not have to go allllll the way across the map for one resource.

I am not a developer so I can not answer for them but here is a video of the Aloe plants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWXJ1T8Eru4
Ark Ragnarok : Where to find Cactus Sap !
Ark Ragnarok : Where to find Cactus Sap ! YouTube
• 8/4/2017
Aloe Plants are confirmed in July's Patch

Ragnarok DLC Patchnotes -- ETA: 29th August
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