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• 6/28/2017

Ragnarok Obelisks

Can anyone confirm if you can summon the island bosses on the map?
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• 8/3/2017
Currently I think they have everything like the Center and the Island with bosses and have customized creatures and chests added.

Here is a link to the custom stuff: http://ragnarokmap.wikia.com/wiki/Admin_Stuff#Treasure_Chest:
Admin Stuff
Admin Stuff Ragnarok - ARK:Survival Evolved Map Wiki
• 8/3/2017
I have read though they have the thumbs up from Ark devs to build their own bosses, story, content save they have to steer clear of some things that make DLC unique E.g. maticore is an SE only (though the mod community has broke that).

I am excited to see their explorer notes added and see what this vast land is about.
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